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Red or White Wine? Know Which One is Best For Your Dinner

Everyone has their favourite type of wine that they drink. Some people prefer reds, and some prefer white wine. Many people don’t often care, and they just drink whatever they have to hand, chilling in the refrigerator. And many times, it does come down to preference.

But in truth, regardless of what your preference is, there are just some Italian foods that pair better with reds, and some that pair best with white. If you’re eager to be a true foodie and find out which wine goes best with the dish you plan on having, here is a list of wine and food combinations, and if you think about it, the pairings will make sense.

1) White Wine With Seafood. This is often a traditional pairing because seafood has the flavour it has. You could drink a red, but it needs to be a much lighter red than what you’d pair with beef or pork. Otherwise, you’ll want to try out a Sauvignon Blanc, or perhaps a Chardonnay with crab or lobster-based sauces.

2) Risottos. It might depend on the risotto, but if it has an ingredient like lemon or, say, asparagus, a white wine will work best. In fact, whites tend to work best with most risottos, even if the risotto you’re eating comes served with prosciutto.

3) Spaghetti With Meat Balls. This definitely requires a red wine, as red wines tend to go well with red meats and sauces. The flavours balance each other out. You could drink a white wine if that’s what you have, or what you prefer, but against the power of a dish like this, the flavour of white wine might get a bit lost.

4) Mushroom Pastas. You’ll either want to go with a white wine (preferable), or, if you prefer a red, pick a light Pinot Noir.

5) Pasta With Beans or Lentils (Pasta e Fagioli). Give a Tuscan red, such as Chianti, a try. Or if you prefer white wines, go for something a bit ‘neutral’ in flavour, such as Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

This should give you a handle on which wines to pick with your next Italian dish. Depending on the restaurant you go to, you can always ask for a recommendation, and your server will be very glad to help you make a good choice based on what you ordinarily drink and what the restaurant serves.



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