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The Five Best Traditional Italian Foods

Eating traditional Italian food is one of the best treats you could ever eat, even though many dietitians and dieters rate Italian food as a guilty pleasure at best, or a big ‘no-no’ at worst, because of the high carbohydrate count. The truth is that Italian food is more than just pasta dishes, though pasta is a common ingredient in Italian cuisine.

Another truth is that it’s the big portions of one dish and wolfing food down in a hurry that end up getting people in trouble, rather than eating smaller portions of several different items at a meal and savouring each one slowly.

With this in mind, here is a list of the five best traditional Italian foods, which do revolve around some form of carbohydrate, but are served very differently than what you might expect. We’re sure you’ll love what you read here:

1) Pizza Margherita. Unlike the common multi-choice crusts available at varying pizza joints, true Italian crust is thin and somewhat like baked pita bread. Every family-owned pizza place in Rome has their own style of sauce, plus basil and mozzarella. After trying this and truly savouring every bite, you’ll find it difficult to go back to the competition.

2) Pasta Carbonara. In the States, this is served with a creamy sauce. However, traditionally, the cream is omitted. Instead, this dish is served with egg, bacon and Romano cheese and white wine, mixed with rigatoni or spaghetti noodles.

3) Gnocchi. Gnocchi are simply flour dumplings created various ways. If you prefer a vegetarian diet, try the pomodoro style: just sauce and cheese.

4) Ravioli. One of the most popular and famous Italian foods, ravioli wasn’t actually considered traditional until Marco Polo arrived back from China. This said, you can often find them made with ricotta and spinach, which is a great option for vegetarians. These are generally filling so if you happen to be in Rome, you’ll likely get a European portion of two or three raviolis in a meal.

5) Risotto. You might be familiar with this dish already, especially if you’ve made a boxed version off the grocer’s shelf, but nothing beats a good authentic risotto, which can be made various ways, one of which is seafood and mushrooms, often served in Venice, or Risotto Alla Milanese, which is flavoured by saffron.

While these are five of the best—and well-known—Italian foods, the list of great Italian cuisine. Come by and see what else can tempt your palate.



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