Italian Pizza: The Traditional Dish Famous Around the World

It’s difficult to hear the word ‘pizza’ and not immediately think of Italy. But what people don’t often know is how pizza came to be. They mostly know about what crust they like, don’t like, the toppings they like or don’t like. Read further on and you’ll learn just how this world famous Italian food came to be.

front and back woman hands (isolated on white background)

Some Curiosities About Italian Verbal and Body Language

Along with delicious food, Italian culture and traditions come with another truly fascinating aspect: its own people and their language, both verbal and non-verbal. Many people talk with their hands to emphasise their points, but the Italians are likely the most physically expressive out of any European culture you might know.


Italian Regions: Different Dialects, Different Food

Italy is one of the most recognisable countries on the map. Shaped like a boot, it’s easy to pick out amongst other countries on the European continent. The one thing many people tend to think, however, is that everyone in Italy speaks one homogenous dialect and all traditional Italian dishes are made the same way.